Anna Campbell Wanderlust Collection

Late last year a wedding hit our inbox that was instantly shared company wide, the intimacy captured within each frame of Brooklyn and Chris’s special day was inimitable. Stolen moments, so incredibly emotive that we knew we had to work with the man behind the magic, Nathan Lapham

We recently had the opportunity to work with Nathan on a shoot that represented pure joy, a morning spent frolicking in the sand on Cabarita Beach capturing moments that we will long cherish. As a brand we have the opportunity to work with many creatives and couldn’t help but share with our brides a little more about the photographer who has won us over so unashamedly.

We have a very unique story to tell and are in absolute awe of how intimately he captured the essence of Anna Campbell. Nathan has an unparalleled ability to connect with people making you feel as though he’s one of your closest friends and capturing genuine emotion in the moment. We are so excited to introduce Nathan with personal recommendation to our beautiful Anna Campbell Brides. Following our shoot we took a moment to sit down with Nathan and learn a little bit about his incredible work and invaluable advice for brides to be.

Pearls of Wisdom … Firstly, enjoy yourself and have fun! This is one of the greatest moments of your lives and it goes by so quickly! Remember to stop, take a moment and savour every feeling of your special day.  Secondly, I believe 99% of what makes up a good photo is connection. Obviously taking a good photograph is very technical. But connection? That means you’re going to feel genuine emotion in each and every image. 

Where the story began… I remember taking a photography class in high school and loving every minute of it! But I actually never got fully back into it until 3 years ago, I had an urge to do something creative with my life. So I bought a camera with a basic kit lens and took it with me everywhere! Taking photos of anything I could. Landscapes, waves, plants, buildings. But it wasn't until I started taking photos of people, that I realised my calling. 

Inspired by… People, nature and love inspires me. Every couple I get to shoot with has a story to tell. And I love drawing that story out of them. Also I'm not really into staged moments, what inspires me are those in-between moments that are gone in seconds and are easily missed. 

I never think about a shoot before I do it. Because there’s no formula for people. What I try to do is strip everything away rather than go in with preconceived notions. If I do, I might miss a gem or a jewel that the person is offering me.
— Platon

Favourite part of the wedding day… I love the first look. When the bride is walking down the aisle and the groom's face lights up. The tears of joy start welling up in his eyes and the big smile of knowing they’re going to spend the rest of their life with this person, it always gets me.

We couldn’t speak more highly both personally and professionally of Nathan Lapham and are so incredibly excited to see him work with Anna Campbell brides in the future.

Lindsay Hirsch