We know that what your dress is made out of is just as important as design itself!

 Anna Campbell Annabella Dress worn with a sheer tulle veil | Vintage-inspired, hand-beaded and embellished lace wedding dresses for sparkling bohemian bridal beauty

As all Anna Campbell gowns are handmade from 100% natural silks in our Melbourne, Australia studio, we are passionate about communicating what this means for your dress, and what you can expect from these exquisite fabrics!

Natural silk: The birds and the bees...and the worms!

Natural silk has very unique properties and the delicacy of the fabric requires special production processes. Silk isn’t made by chemical compounds in high-tech factories – it is made by silk worms. This involves unwinding the silk-worms’ cocoon to reveal metre upon metre of silken thread. From there, the threads are woven into silks and dyed. Silk worms are pretty unique little creatures, and so it is only fitting that the silk they produce is pretty unique too!

As a natural fabric, sometimes there will be minor, natural variations in the colouring, weave or texture of the fabric. These are natural elements of the silk your dress is made from. This is something we think is actually rather special – when your wedding dress is made from natural silk you will always know that your dress remains 100% unique to you, even if you select one of our most popular styles!

Why use silk? 

If we were to make our dresses by the thousands in a factory, from fabrics designed to be hard wearing, scratch proof, and mark proof – like polyester or nylon – and avoid any hand beading on our designs, then we could expect that each dress would be exactly the same as the next. But we think your wedding dress requires something a bit more special!

Silk is light and breathe-able, it falls and drapes beautifully, and it feels incredible against your skin. No other fabric even comes close. We encourage you to celebrate the tiny variations that may be found in your dress as a testament to your dress’s elaborate journey, from silk worm to our Australian studio, and the many hands that have lovingly created it. After all, this is what is so special about an Anna Campbell dress!

What should you expect?

We care deeply about the quality of our gowns, and have an intensive system in place to ensure that we are proud of each and every gown that leaves our studio.So what should you expect? What is realistic is that, if you look closely, you will likely find small inconsistencies throughout the silk of each Anna Campbell dress. This could be a very small bruise in the silk or a tiny mark from our sewing machines.  Of course, if you receive your dress and you think there is a variation that goes beyond a natural flaw, and you perceive there to be a fault in the production of your gown, please visit our Returns and Exchange policy to see how we can help you.

Hand-beading and embellishments

We love nothing more than helping our brides sparkle on their wedding day! From shimmering sequins, to sparkling jewels and iridescent pearl-toned beading, we are known for our unique hand-beading and modern hand-embellishments, and this is something we love to celebrate! However, hand-beading is such a beautifully delicate art, and because of the intricate nature of our hand-embellishments, from the thousands of tiny beads that create your dress, you are likely lose a very small amount of beads with time, wear, alterations and dry cleaning. 

We hope you love your Anna Campbell dress as much as we have loved making it!

 Anna Campbell - Vintage-inspired, hand-beaded and embellished lace wedding dresses for sparkling bohemian bridal beauty
 Anna Campbell Adelaide Dress - 1920s Vintage-inspired, hand-beaded and embellished lace wedding dresses for sparkling bohemian bridal beauty