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Having designed and made four (yes, four!) dresses for her own wedding, our Creative Director, Head Designer, and all-round #GIRLBOSS Anna, knows a thing or two about getting married in style. We sat down with Anna one afternoon to pick her brain about design process, bridal style and those insider wedding-planning tips! 

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How did you become a bridal designer? What do you love about bridal?

Bridal fashion chose me in a sense, as I fell into it after beautiful girls started requesting our party style dresses in ivory! 

I adore designing bridal dresses because, as a designer, your ability to be creative is limitless! You are creating incredible pieces, that can be handmade from the most luxurious natural silks, and the most incredible hand embellishments, and the pieces you create are going to be treasured by the bride forever, and perhaps even passed down through generations as family heirlooms. To design a bride’s wedding dress is to form a special connection with that bride: whether she lives in our hometown of Melbourne, or in New York or Madrid or anywhere else in the world, we are bonded by the emotional connection of having been a part of her wedding day - and of course a shared love of all things sparkly and romantic! 

Anna Campbell at Lovely Bride NYC
Anna Campbell at Lovely Bride NYC




How do you design a new collection of Anna Campbell dresses?

It is such a lengthy process, and it takes over a year! It starts with researching and finding inspiration, which more often than not comes from our brides themselves. From there, I start drawing, then I work closely with my studio team to begin creating samples using custom laces, embellishments and silks. Each bead and piece of lace is meticulously thought through, sometimes we will re-bead a particular embellishment several times to create the perfect shape – you can see why it takes an entire year! 

How do you define your bridal style? 

Our collections have grown with time, but ultimately we have stayed true to who we are, and what we know our brides love! We have never been too caught up with trends, as I think a wedding dress is something so special that it really should be true to the bride, who she is as a person and her own personal style. She should be able to look back on it in 10, 20, 30 years and still love it just as much! So for us, while we are constantly working to perfect our designs and structures, we will always design relaxed but romantic dresses with unique sparkly details, hand-made in Australia, using only the best, most luxurious natural fabrics (no polyester here!!). This really is the Anna Campbell recipe for the perfect bridal dress, because it reflects exactly what our brides love to wear!

Anna Campbell Bridal Behind the Scenes

Tell us about your love for weddings!

As a bridal designer, I of course love all things weddings! I love the incredible love spell type energy they cast over an entire day. Whether you are traditional or not, what’s not to love about dedicating an entire day to celebrate the deep love shared between two people that are so special to you?

And these days, weddings have come so far! No longer are our brides bound by rules that dictate certain styling or ceremonies or dress. Modern, contemporary weddings are so lovely because couples now have a chance to truly celebrate their own style, relationship and personality without the traditional restrictions of the past - my husband, Murray, and I had a food truck and DIY cocktails at our wedding!

Any advice for brides planning their own wedding?

Most of all, your wedding should be a true celebration of your love, so while finding your perfect dress is an important (and fun!) part of your special day, ultimately, it’s all about celebrating who you are as a couple, and cherishing the day that marks the beginning of your Happily Ever After. Enjoy the journey with all of the special people in your life because, just like that, it will be over in the blink of an eye! 

 Anna with her best ladies! Love Anna's silk robes? Find them  here !

Anna with her best ladies! Love Anna's silk robes? Find them here!




Join Anna behind the scenes in our Melbourne studio to learn all about where we make your dress and how to know when you've found THE ONE!

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