AC Bride Carmen & Alvaro

From the moment we saw the Spanish wedding of Carmen Rosa García and Alvaro da Costa Blázquez, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Carmen wore the Grace Dress with Brocade Skirt, paired perfectly with the Olive Headpiece and Eliza Cuff. We are in love with every element of Carmen and Alvaro’s wedding day, from Carmen’s bridal look right through to the reception styling and we hope this provides you with as much inspiration as it did us.

Wedding Location | Our wedding was in Valladolid( Spain) in “Castilla Termal” Balneario de Olmedo.

Wedding Date| 17.08.2019

Meet Carmen and Alvaro | I work as a fashion saleswoman for the Inditex chain and my husband, works as a manager of a company in our city We met at a party at a friend's house from my job at the time. She called me to go to her party and there was Alvaro. Quickly he started joking with me - he is a very cheerful and funny - and we connected a lot.

The Proposal | In August 2018, I was packing to go on vacation to Menorca. I was selecting clothes in the dressing room and when leaving, there was Alvaro, kneeling, with a ring and our cat that we love. I couldn't believe it, I was shocked, full of joy, and of course I said yes

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The Dress | About 6 years ago when searching online for "romantic wedding dresses" I found Anna Campbell's Amy dress. At that moment I fell in love, and began to follow the brand on Instagram. Every day I saw posts and always thought "the day I get married, I will wear an Anna Campbell". When it is time to choose my dress, I contact Anna Campbell by mail and I found out that in Madrid there is a store that has Anna Campbell dresses, "blanco de novia".

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Finding ‘The One’ | I made an appointment and I wanted the “Amy dress” (they didn't have the sample in the store). But when trying on “Grace dress” I felt delicate and elegant. I felt that it shone with delicacy, that I was myself with that dress. I put on the dress with it’s delicate jewelled back, transparency and her neckline and I fell in love. I also decided to choose the silk skirt with opening (brocade), so that the movement could be noticed and the shoe could be seen. I bought my dress in “Blanco de Novia" in Madrid. The girls in that store know perfectly the philosophy of the brand and they treated me incredibly well.

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Memorable Moments | There were countless precious moments that I want to share. Firstly, when my godfather, my favourite cousin, helped me put on my bracelet: I already had my dress on, and he helped me put on the bracelet. He cried with joy and emotion, and I cried at his side. When arriving at the room in the hotel where we had our wedding, Alvaro had left me an Anturium flower, one of my favourite flowers, a photo with our cat, and a precious note. It made me excited.

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When leaving the room and meeting all the guests, we could not contain the tears. But there was my husband, in the background, waiting for me and crying for how happy he was to see me arrive. When we got together, the first thing he told me was: "Honey, you are beautiful, it is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, and you are perfect to wear it." That was beautiful.

As we passed through the hall, the guests shouted when they saw the beautiful back and headpiece. I felt beautiful and stunning, something unusual that everyone could not stop looking at. I felt that I was the bride I had always dreamed of being and that my dream had come true. I could not choose a favourite part to my dress, I am completely in love with my dress, but the shoulder and back pendants I really loved.

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Words of Wisdom | The princesses exist. You can be one of them with an Anna Campbell dress. They are filled with romanticism, glamor, delicacy and femininity. You can also choose the skirt that best suits your body. I felt in a fairy tale, like a princess. It is also very comfortable and allows you to dance and enjoy without having to take it off. If you like simplicity but at the same time a spectacular dress, Anna Campbell is your perfect bridal brand.

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Memorable Moments | The most memorable moment was when I left the morning of my wedding with "my little jewel" (I nickname my dress like this). I felt that I was a modern bride but at the same time delicate and stunning. That everyone could not stop looking at the gorgeous dress I was wearing.

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Dress: Grace Dress

Dress Purchased at: Blanco De Novia

Photographer: Oscar Guillén | Instagram

Videographer: Manu Solana | Instagram

Venue: Castilla Termal Balneario de Olmedo | Instagram

We chose this place for its beautiful spaces, for its old structure of the twelfth century and also for its landscaped spaces. All this was consistent with the dream decoration we wanted for our day

Florist: La Floristeria | Instagram

Wedding Styling: Love a Tope | Instagram

We decided to choose these girls for their freshness and romanticism when decorating weddings. They use many flowers, lights and crystals.

Lindsay Hirsch