Meet Bernadette, affectionately known as Bee amongst the Anna Campbell team. Bee is our incredible Online Orders Manager as well as a Boutique Stylist, you may recognise her as a familiar face in our Flagship Boutique in Armadale! Brides from across the world purchase their dresses online with Bee and we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the woman behind the countless emails, instagram messages and online orders.

How would you describe your own style?

I love clean lines, minimal, a sleek chic! Though, I do love edgier styles and wouldn’t shy away from a daring split, a lot of sheer, and I adore asymmetry.

From your many years working with brides both in the boutique and internationally, what is your favourite styling tip?

Comfort! Your body language changes completely when you’re really feeling yourself. Confidence is sexy! I’m also a fan of staying away from being very matchy-matchy with your details. Hairpieces don’t have to be the exact detailing your dress has, and have a bit of fun with the shoes you choose! If your dress is full length, and you’re thinking ‘oh, no one will see the shoes anyway’, this might be partially true, but YOU know what shoes you have on, and I guarantee you’ll have an extra bounce in your step.


What is you favourite Anna Campbell Dress from the Lumière Collection?

Tate side split. It’s fun, a showstopper, and is definitely something I can see myself in!

What is your favourite bridal look to date that you have created with an Anna Campbell Bride?

Brooklyn, our favourite Sydney bride who paired her Sydney with a nude bodysuit for the perfect mix of fun, daring, and fairytale-sweet.

Best piece of advice for brides buying online?

No question you may have on your mind is too silly to ask me, and if you feel like you’re oversharing your vision to me—you’re on the right track. I love being able to envision you in your dream Anna Campbell dress, decked to the nines, in the setting you’ve chosen—even if I’ve not even seen you before! It really helps me get a feel for what you want, and personalises the experience for the both of us.


What is your favourite Anna Campbell Campaign?

I adore the glam vibe of our most recent launch of our new Lumiere collection! The shoot and the collection as a whole has timeless features but plays in the midst of modern fabrics and elements I wouldn’t expect to see on bridal dresses.

Tell us about your dream wedding…

My dream wedding would be quite intimate, nearest and dearest. Laidback, and somewhere everyone can just let a bit loose! A festival feel in a wooded area, peppered with twinkling lights just before dusk, with a well-curated menu and playlist (priorities!). Maybe even a runaway elopement to somewhere secluded and far away! But that doesn’t mean I can’t have an amazing dress to go with that timeline either! I’d either be plain or sparkling—no in-between!

Those who know Bee will know that she has a love for music – what are your must have tunes for a wedding reception playlist? Walking down the aisle?

I put a lot of emphasis on music from my day to day to milestone moments, and I’m a big believer in the right playlist really carrying that atmosphere and creating memories. For the aisle, two of my favourite artists, Arctic Monkeys did a cover of The Beatles All My Loving and changed it from a jangly pop song to a dreamy slow burner, The Beatles’ Here There and Everywhere, or Kacey Musgraves Late To The Party—if I’m fashionably late to my own ceremony. Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars, Redbone’s Come And Get Your Love, and Lauryn Hill’s cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You all have to show up at some point. Wedding reception you of course need the all-encompassing standards: 80’s to 00’s pop hits (think Earth, Wind, & Fire’s September and Daft Punk’s One More Time), and any song that was an earworm from the last 20 years. And maybe, partner permitting, a reception entrance to Drake’s Started From The Bottom to set the night’s tone. I could go on forever.


Reach out and say hello to Bee at for any queries you may have.

Lindsay Hirsch