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Bridesmaids Collection


Due to an overwhelming response from our brides, Anna Campbell has chosen to direct our focus onto our bridal and accessories collections and begin to  phase out the bridesmaids, flowergirl and formal collections. This means that over the coming months you will notice a reduction of bridesmaids, flowergirl and formal dress samples in-store, with the range only available for order until the end of May 2014.


For brides that have already ordered their bridesmaid’s dresses there is no reason to worry, your orders have been accounted for, are completely confirmed and un-changed.  We understand that there may be brides who have not yet ordered their bridesmaids dresses and would still like the opportunity to do so. We wish to support each of these brides, and encourage them to place or finalize their orders as soon as possible so that we can commit to the order and a delivery time frame before the bridesmaid’s collection is completely discontinued at the end of May 2014.


We expect that you could have questions about your order, so we have put together some FAQ’s below, which may help answer your query. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9388 1264 or phone your closest stockist to discuss.


Photographer Lana Ivanova - Styling Sierra Ramke for The Babushka Ballerina

Q) Can you give an accurate time line as to when we can submit orders by?

A) Yes, no orders will be accepted after the 31st of May 2014.


Q) My wedding isn’t until late next year, but I was planning on ordering Anna Campbell bridesmaids dresses, am I going to miss out?

A) You need to place your order prior to the 31st of May 2014, as even though the colours available may be more limited we can secure your order for you prior to the end of May.


Q) I have a bridesmaid that is pregnant, or planning to be pregnant, or unable to make it in store to choose her dress, if I wait for her and order the other dresses will I risk her not getting a dress?

A) Unfortunately the reality is that if you wait, you may miss out on placing your order. We would suggest choosing a style and size for her, at a larger size and then having it privately altered to suit closer to your wedding. If this is too much risk and you are not confident in doing this, we suggest ordering your dresses elsewhere closer to your wedding date as we do not wish to disappoint any bride.


Q) I have already chosen the dresses I want but have not yet paid a deposit and confirmed my order, does this affect me?

A) If you have not paid a deposit the likelihood is that we don’t have your order accounted for, and the fabric set aside. We would encourage you to confirm your order ASAP to guarantee your fabrics and order.


Q) Is there a chance that if I place my order you will run out of fabric and not be able to make it?

A) There is a very slim chance that this could happen, if by coincidence we receive multiple orders within the one color on that same day.  All orders will be confirmed the following business day, and fabric will be set aside. If there is a fabric shortage you will be contacted and offered to change your color, or given a full refund.


Q) Will there be a final bridesmaid’s sale?

A) Yes, there will be a sale to clear all bridesmaids’ samples. There is no set date for this as yet, however we expect it to be held in either of our Victorian Boutiques, in June/July 2014 approximately.


Q) I love the Anna Campbell bridesmaid’s silks and colours but I am uncertain if they will suit my bridesmaids, and now I won’t have the opportunity to find out. Am I able to purchase the fabrics by themselves and have a dressmaker make my own designs instead?

A) Yes, we are able to sell fabrics by the metre, however we are unable to sell any laces or embellishments. If you are interested in ordering fabric please email orders@annacampbell.com.au with the quantity and colour you would like, and we can provide you with pricing and a swatch if needed. Of course you cannot purchase the fabric and have copies of Anna Campbell dresses made as they are protected by intellectual copyright, but you are able to create your own designs from our fabric.